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The league of hope is a social project, it's objective is improve the welfare and quality of life of employees of BB Group, with actions focused on awareness, education, professional support and reintegration. Established on July 1, 2008, the public are the company's employees and their direct relatives that live in their homes.

This project was born from the ideals of the direction of the group and the philosophy of the president, who believes to be essential for the well being of the employees the balance between "home" and "company". He said "We can`t believe that people can go to work happy if things are not good in their homes."

- Mission

Create continuous opportunities for personal development, wellbeing and good quality of life for employees, their relatives and the local community with the development of welfare programs focused on awareness, education, professional support and reintegration.

- Vision

Being a reference as a social institution, ensuring the welfare of all employees, family and local community with transformations that improve quality of life, the self-esteem and growth of each of these individuals, increasing their importance in the society as a good professional and happy human being.

- The League of Hope objectives:

√ Contribute to increase employability;
√ Stimulate the academic development so the people that participate can complete at least the average level of education;
√ Promote the integration of employees, family and local community;
√ Develop people's conscience in social, environmental, personal and spiritual ways;
√ Facilitate opportunities for continuous improvement and professional training to provide versatility to participates, and create other ways to earn money that contribute to the family budget;
√ Give support to social improvement of basic conditions of health, food and houses;
√ Optimize the family income through financial planning.



BB Group wins MPE award for Excellence in Management in Brazil, the state level!

The BB Group is highlighted Company in the presentation of Good Practices and Social and Corporate Responsibility.l


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