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28/06/2010 - By: Grupo BB

Launch of BB Store on 'SuperBahia' fair , BB Group brand dedicated to support the Giftware market.

The BB STORE brand was launched during the second edition of 'SUPERBAHIA' (Bahia's Fair and Convention of Supermarkets), held from 19 to 21 July 2010, at the Convention Center of Bahia in Salvador.

BB STORE launch was a success in SUPERBAHIA, because the potencial buyers were there, supermarket owners whose can offer to the customers products with different design and intermediary price, not expensive but not too cheap, and accessible to the intended audience for this line.

With an entrepreneurial vision, the BB Group launched its newest brand that supply the market for Giftware, Housewares and Souvenirs. The Group has been developing researches and structuring itself to make the BB Store in one of the most prestigious brands in the giftware industry of the country.

In the begining the BB STORE supports the market in Bahia, Sergipe and Minas Gerais. Its focus is the marketing of standardized products, supporting the public that demands a frequent replacement of products due to its dynamic replacement stock.

With the market position by establishing a high-quality concept, with simple products and low price for acquisition, the BB STORE aims to meet the needs of different customer profiles. Because of this gap, the brand will soon be able to enter in high demand markets, due to the high quality product and also in markets of low degree of exaction, because of the easy accessibility that its products provide.

Some of BB STORE products are unique, and all have equivalent or higher quality to the biggest competitors in the market. Are differential of BB STORE products:

- pratical products, durable and interactive;
- utilization of different colors, according to the market trend;
- utilization of differentiated packs and illustrations developed for each product;
- local designers signature;
- brings innovation to the stores segment of themed souvenir by state, the tag Take Brazil.

The price position is a relevant factor to its target. The type of package and customization that each line takes, adds value to the product, which has different concepts to be exposed to different public.




BB Group wins MPE award for Excellence in Management in Brazil, the state level!

The BB Group is highlighted Company in the presentation of Good Practices and Social and Corporate Responsibility.l


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